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America the Beautiful?

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Where has the pioneering American Spirit gone?  How come we no longer are the leaders of the free world, setting the example for the rest?  We have always been the best, and we have always brought out the best in other nations; Americans make the world a better place.

Yet our leadership in Washington feels like they have to apologize to the world and act like a submissive puppy to his new master.  Where are the Theodore Roosevelt types?  Roosevelt once said, “There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100% Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else.”  I see a lot of fifty-fifty Americanism in Washington.  The other fifty percent, in my opinion, is cowardice.  Our leaders seem that a politically palatable solution is more important than one that is faithful and just to the American people.  The ideology of backscratching and compromise only leads to serious fissures in the integrity of not only our Constitution, but the well-being of our great nation.

I strongly believe that our leaders in Washington do not believe in the same America we do.  I believe in liberty, duty to God and to Country, free markets, an honest day’s work, charity, faith, and a firm moral foundation.  Our President and his followers believe in power, control, influence, eliminating dissent, no respect for a higher power, a shallow faith of apathy and blatant disrespect for the Constitution and the history of this great country.

If you don’t believe in the ideals our Constitution; the ideals our founding fathers fought against; the ideals that millions of Americans across many generations have died for, you don’t belong in this country.  There are plenty of places in our world today that devalue individual self-worth, level the playing field, and cripple innovation and freedom.  If these are ideas you hold close to your heart, go practice them where they are welcomed!  Don’t burden us who wish to be free from government regulation and taxation without representation.  Don’t defile our sacred documents and tread on our faith and our principles and try to impose your oppressive doctrines on us.  We will rise up, and we will displace you from your lofty perches built upon mountains of lies and dirty money, dripping with American sweat and blood.  You will learn the meaning of the American resolve, and you will feel the unstoppable force of the will of the American people.  You have been warned.  Now it’s your move.  Your cushy public life depends on it.


Written by jakehutchison

November 23, 2009 at 5:18 am

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